Monday, April 04, 2016

Monday Poetry Stretch - TriCubes

Phillip Larrea is an American poet and syndicated columnist. He is the inventor of a poetic form he calls TriCubes. Tricubes are poems composed of three stanzas, each containing three lines of three syllables. 

Here's an example.

TriCube by Phillip Larrea

Don’t swallow
the whole pie.
Just a bite.


What is left
is not right.
But remains.

So, your challenge for the week is to write a TriCube (or two). Please share a link to your poem or the poem itself in the comments.


  1. Quiet House

    Quiet house.
    Mouth is stilled.
    Guests all gone.

    Dishes washed.
    But the smell
    Lingers on.

    Tired me.
    Tired you.
    We both yawn.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved