Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Poetry Stretch - Inspired Image

One of my loyal readers and partners in crime on the crown sonnet project (cloudscome) has suggested that we tackle some stretches inspired by photographs. I've been a bit shy about doing this, as Laura Purdie Salas does such a great job with this in her 15 words or less challenges each week.

I propose to devote the first Monday poetry stretch each month to writing poems inspired by images. I had many ideas for the photo today, but since I didn't have time to request permission for the one I really wanted, I've decided to start with one of my own. The photo below was taken on top of a mountain in Tibet. At 5000 meters (over 16,000 feet), I was a bit surprised to see it.
What say you? What kind of poem will this image inspire you to write? Leave a comment about your creation and I will link the results here later this week. Feel free to reproduce the photo on your blog to accompany your poem.


  1. I'm in with a haiku. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Marcie at World of Words

  2. Okay... I gave it a try. Including everything ever attempted in Grade School and High School this is orobably my 6th or 7th poem. It is one of maybe two that made it into cyberspace...

    My Brave Attempt

  3. newbie... just joining in today.. thank you for the inspiration.....

    "desert{ed} flower"

  4. Definitely an inspiring photo. What I came up with is posted at

  5. You can find my image-inspired poem at:

  6. you can share my image inspired poem at