Thursday, January 31, 2008

Poetry Stretch Results - Rondel/Roundel

This week we worked on the roundel, a poem with eleven lines in the rhyme scheme abab bab abab. But wait! Lines 4 and 11 must be the same. Here's what the creative people came up with.
Daisybug at Things The Make Me Say... shares a roundel called Stillness.

Andi at a wrung sponge was inspired by a rock she photographed on a walk and wrote a roundel entitled Rough Cut Stone.

Diane Davis
reflects on her the naughty housemates who share her home in Empty Nest.

sister AE at Having Writ reflects on a sailor's adage and gives us Blue Roundel.

Laura Purdie Salas captures dreams and nightmares in her roundel.
I spent some time this week reading through really bad high school poetry (mine!) and was inspired to use some of my previous words in this roundel.
Spinning, Spinning

With arms held straight out from my side
and wearing a giddy grin,
to the left I turn, eyes open wide,
and the world begins to spin.

On the Ferris wheel, high above the din,
I want to whisper and secrets confide.
But where on earth to begin?

You stand so close -- I've nowhere to hide,
my heart you're trying to win.
Lost in your gaze our lips collide,
and the world begins to spin.
It's not too late if you still want to play. Try your hand at a roundel and leave me a note. Then I'll add your poem to the list.


  1. i made several attempts at this form,, and i just couldn't get my words around it right now... i do however love your prompts and will continue to participate....

    you personal rondel was perfect.. adolescent love couldn't have found a sweeter round......

  2. I gave it a try, Tricia--though my results were less than spectacular! But it was fun anyway.

  3. I like how you've combined the spinning/colliding with the eyes/gaze. Nice! Thanks for the roundel roundup.

  4. Tricia,

    Well done! I like those lips colliding.

  5. Lips colliding - It just feels so adolescent. And the spinning that ensues ...