Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day - Music and Lyrics

Today would have been a good day to debut my review of America a War by Lee Bennett Hopkins, but I couldn't wait so long after reading it to hit publish. It was such a moving collection of poems.

Instead, I have some music and lyrics for you. Let's start with lyrics. Yesterday on The Folk Sampler, the show was called "Remember This" and devoted entirely to songs commemorating Memorial Day. They played one of my favorite songs from the album Hearts in Mind by Nanci Griffith. The song is Big Blue Ball of War.

Big Blue Ball of War
by Nanci Griffith

In 1914 this ball was at war
It went from Belgium on through Ireland
The Congo, then back home

This big blue ball of war spun on its own
Spinning history in lines of blood
When many souls fell off

(chorus) We all ride on (we all ride)
This big blue ball of war
Souls with tickets through the veil
We all ride on
We all ride on (we all ride)
This big blue ball of war
We choose to spin around and ride
This big blue ball of war

Almost a century, the blood has flowed
We’ve killed our men of peace around this ball
And refused to hear their ghosts

We spend our destinies in deeds of hate
Humanity upon this ball
Is just a bloody fall from grace


A reformation might just save us all
A voice of harmony and open heart
Where the women teach the song

These men of evil deed can be proven wrong
If we join hand to hand with Abraham
So not a soul falls off

Memorial day has always been a solemn day for me. Here's a little something that just might heal some of the wounds that this day reopens for so many.

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  1. Thanks for the hugs! Sending you one long distance this afternoon!

  2. Thanks! I love Nanci Griffith, and I love hugs, too. :)