Friday, May 02, 2008

Poetry Stretch Results - Food Poems

This week I challenged folks to write poems about food. Here are the delicious results.
Mad Kane at Mad Kane's Humor Blog is in with a limerick entitled Ode to an Ill-Tempered Felon.

Cassy at Reach for More - Aspira a más shares a salad poem entitled En busca de la ensalada perfecta. Welcome Cassy!

Elaine at Wild Rose Reader shares three poems about food.

Evelyn at Light One Small Candle is in with a series of limericks entitled A "god" called food. Welcome Evelyn!

Linda at Write Time shares two food-inspired poems.
My poem was written in haste on the back of an envelope as I watched my toothless son attempt to eat an ear of corn. I was temporarily heartbroken for him, then greedily ecstatic for myself. The poem is called Uneaten Ears.

It's not too late if you still want to play. Dash off your food poem and leave me a comment. As soon as you do, I'll add your poem to the list.


  1. My salad poem is actually titled "En busca de la ensalada perfecta" - it is in English. Just check my widget and it will take you straight to the poem

  2. Sorry, Cassy! I've fixed the link.