Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crazy for Bookmarks

In addition to having a weakness for journals, I have an affection for bookmarks. Here are a few I've recently purchased to give out at workshops and other events where teachers and book lovers congregate.

These Book a Trip bookmarks with a vintage travel theme depict kids reading across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. You can even download an activity guide with loads of ideas for connecting reading to travel.
These Get Wrapped Up in Reading bookmarks were a gift for some second grade teachers as ancient Egypt is part of the social studies curriculum in this grade. The bookmarks include a short explanation of hieroglyphics on one side and a phrase to be translated on the other.
I love this Reading Takes You Everywhere bookmark. It also comes with an activity guide to books by Dr. Seuss.
There are many more bookmarks I love at the Upstart (Highsmith) site. There are two sets entitled Master the Art of Reading which show famous works of art with books inserted in them. (Check out the Mona Lisa and Girl with the Pearl Earring). These also come with an activity guide! I'm also crazy about the Animal Print, Road to the White House, and Robert Frost bookmarks.

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