Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Grant Opportunity for Classroom Teachers

This one is for all my friends and readers who teach. Please note that you must be trained in PLT (attended a workshop) to enter.
Project Learning Tree (PLT) will award a $500 cash grant to four randomly selected schools throughout the country. All you need to do is register before the December 30th deadline and you’ll be eligible to win a Learn Outside GreenWorks! Grant for your school. Winners can create a butterfly garden, host a PLT Learn Outside activity day, or even create an outdoor classroom. Enter today!

Entry Deadline is December 30, 2008. Winners will be notified by January 15, 2009.

To enter, sign up now at:

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  1. Good Nature Publishing has created Native Tree and Wildflower posters http://www.goodnaturepublishing.com that have been integrated into award winning master naturalist and master gardener school programs from Wisconsin to Virginia.

    See Treemendous Teachers offer online.

    We also have designed a poster so teachers can plant a hummingbird garden and garden herbs poster.

    Project Learning Tree has good people working for them, but teachers should know that it is a public affairs arm of the American Timber Industry trying through education to put a green look and feel on their activities.

    Big Timber has wrecked most of the south's forests, and as many know, cut 95% of our Old Growth in the Northwest -- and would have taken it all without a fight for the last 5% by greens.

    The timber industry has moved on to the boreal forest, clearing trees at a record rate. Some tree cutting companies are Forest Stewardship Certified -- a true green certification process by an independent non profit that doesn't get money from timber companies. Rainforest Action has also partnered with some timber companies to certify that they have cut trees sustainably.

    Big Timer has their own PR certification to blur public perceptions.

    Their certification process is considerably weaker than Forest Stewardship Council certification.

    So when you see Project Learning Tree and Sustainable Forestry Certified, at least look twice at what you are being told about the shape and green qualities being promoted.

    best fishes,

    Timothy Colman