Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Monday Poetry Stretch - Clerihew

I'm late again, but actually have a good reason this time. I'm in a foul, foul mood, which is really disappointing for this time of year. To lift my spirits I need some clever or funny poetry, so this week I'm challenging you to write a clerihew. A clerihew is a four-line verse written in an a/a/b/b rhyme scheme that is biographical and humorous.

Here's one of the poems I wrote for the last challenge.
Sir Isaac Newton, mathematician
scientist of recognition,
saw an apple fall from a tree
then shouted, "Yes, that's gravity!"
You can read all the results at this post. This time around I'm going to attempt to skewer some well-loved holiday types, like Rudolph or Frosty. We'll see how that goes.

Will you stretch with me? Leave me a comment about your poem and I'll post the results here later this week. Happy writing!


  1. Tricia,

    I've wanted to try writing clerihews for a long time. I've never gotten around to it, though. I'll attempt the stretch this week...if I can find the time.

  2. Well, I dunno about me and clerihews, but I shall attempt one, at least. They're just VERY clever, and I'm feeling very dull. Scotland in December = dull...(or at least very dark).

  3. Inspired by my son in Vermont, who is loving the snow up there:

    When Old Man Winter comes out to play
    Children put their bikes away
    And, gloved and coated, they ride instead
    The slippery roads on a saucer sled.

  4. Hi, Tricia -

    Clerihews - such fun! I've written a couple and posted them over at The Drift Record