Friday, December 05, 2008

Poetry Friday - Convention

My son and I have been talking of snow for weeks now. Since his Oma and Opa have had snow on a few occasions already this year (gotta love lake effect snow), he wants to know when it's coming here. I'd like to know myself, though a light dusting is all I really require. I certainly don't miss the kind of snow described in this poem.
by Agnes Lee

The snow is lying very deep.
My house is sheltered from the blast.
I hear each muffled step outside,
I hear each voice go past.

But I’ll not venture in the drift
Out of this bright security,
Till enough footsteps come and go
To make a path for me.
Before I send you to the round up today, I must first encourage you to visit this week's poetry stretch results, where you'll find climbing rhymes by the likes of Jane Yolen, Julie Larios, doug florian, many of your favorite bloggers (TadMack, Laura Purdie Salas) and others. You won't want to miss the wonderful, original poems being shared.

Now that you've read some climbing rhymes, take a gander at the poetry being shared this week. Karen at Mommy's Favorite Children's Books is our intrepid hostess. Happy poetry Friday, all!


  1. I'm with the narrator of this poem. I like snow from inside the house! Since we didn't get much last year, it'll be interesting to see what this winter brings.

  2. Woof Woof! Me likes this pome! wag wag wag

    -- Cooper, Janet's dog

    Oh, yeah. Right. He WOULD think this is great. He gets his paths cleared by a big 10 hp Ariens snowblower powered by his mommy!

    -- Janet, Cooper's mom

  3. I wouldn't mind a few big snowstorms over here, even if I do have to do most of the shoveling. Those mornings when you wake up knowing school's closed... nothing like 'em! It's great to go inside after playing and sit by the window sipping cocoa. We don't usually get much till January though.

  4. I'm with Andi on hoping for some accumulating snow this year.

  5. If you get heavy snow, Tricia, I'm really in for it, being north of you.

    Snow was way more fun as a child. Now I have to find this picture I have of me and a giant snow bear my brothers and sisters made together.