Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shakespeare as the Avon Lady?!

If you are a lover of history (like me) and enjoy sarcasm and inventive wit, you need to start reading one of my favorite blogs, The History Bluff. The tag line of this blog is "Making a mess of history." It is one of my regular morning reads and always offers a quick giggle. Today was no exception. Since it has literary connections, I thought you might enjoy it. Here's how it begins:
William Shakespeare is one of the leading dramatists of all time; the first true master of the modern English language - but he was a pioneer in more ways than one. Researchers at The History Bluff have discovered that Shakespeare may well have been the first person to sell cosmetics and perfumes door to door.
Hungry for your own morning giggle? Then get thee to the post entitled William Shakespeare: The Avon Lady.

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  1. And now I have one more feed in my reader. Looks like some fun stuff there!