Monday, May 04, 2009

Celebrating the REAL Alice's Birthday

I'm a big fan of the KR blog. Today they have a lovely post up about Alice Liddell entitled Riddles That Have No Answers. If you're a fan of Carroll and the Alice stories, do stop by. It's a wonderful read.


  1. nice post. I love the Alice photographs; I always show them when I teach Alice. Really the books are haunted by death, especially by the predator-prey relationship. But also Alice's own death--she imagines that if she continued to shrink she'd go "out, like a candle." That's a pretty scary image...

  2. Cody Walker, the author of that post, is a good friend of mine - he's a fine poet, has a great sense of humor, and he's as kind & bright & creative a person as you could ever hope to meet. How wonderful to see you link to his work in the Kenyon Review - and what a small world it is, Tricia!