Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Maddening Contest

William and I spent many hours in bookstores and shops this past weekend. In one bookstore visit we sat together and read Linda Urban's new book Mouse Was Mad. (I love that at 8 William still wants to read picture books.)

After reading we talked about what makes him mad. We also talked about the ideas offered by various animals as to "how to be mad," and ultimately, how to feel better. I was thrilled when he said the best way to feel better was to get a hug from me! But then, what if he's mad at me? So I asked. He said he likes to stick his tongue out at me when I'm not looking! (Um, I do this to my husband, so there's no question about where he got it. Must mend my ways . . . )

What makes me angry? Not much these days, but I do get really frustrated in general while driving, and yes, sometimes angry. Not road rage angry, but shake-you-head-angry about the dumb things people do. Wouldn't the road be a nicer place if we all (me included) just slowed down a bit and learned to take turns?

What makes me feel better? Ironing. Washing dishes in very hot, soapy water. Sticking my tongue out (and the ensuing laugh that always follows). A nice long walk. Curling up with the dog, down on the floor, at her level. Turning the music up really loud. Sometimes the cure depends on what made me mad.

How about you? What makes you mad? What makes you feel better?

Blog about it or leave a comment over at Crooked Perfect, Linda Urban's blog, and you could win a copy of Mouse Was Mad AND a box of truffles! (How did chocolate not make my feel better list?!) Hurry, contest ends on May 9th.


  1. Ironing? Please, please, can you come to my house?! :)

  2. I am with you on washing the dishes in hot water and talking a long walk. I also like cuddling up with my cats, whose purring always makes me feel better.

    I don't get angry too often, but when I do, it usually has something to do with me going through some effort to get something right and then someone else's carelessness throwing whatever it is off. That's always hard, although I try not to be mad when that happens, because I do appreciate when other people are patient with me. Patience is an easier thing to get than give some days, though. ;)

  3. People who gush and don't mean it make me mad. And guys in cars behind me who toot their horns because I stopped to let an old lady cross on the crossing!
    A great book or movie calms me down. And having one of my cats sit on my lap. You don't have much choice then!

  4. I LOVE this response -- learning to take turns. How we forget that simple gesture of respect and good will. The anonymity of the car turns the best of us to animals, sometimes.

    Let me know how the reading goes, okay?