Friday, May 29, 2009

Poetry Friday

I perhaps missed Poetry Friday most of all while I was away. I thought seriously of trying to post, but I couldn't get Elizabeth Bishop's poem One Art out of mind, and so decided against it. (You know the one. It's the villanelle that begins "The art of losing isn't hard to master.") I'm still reading rather mournful poetry, but it seems to be healing, not hurting. Today I'm sharing a piece by Gregory Orr.
Untitled (This is what was bequeathed us)
by Gregory Orr

This is what was bequeathed us:
This earth the beloved left
And, leaving,
Left to us.

Read the entire poem.
The round up this week is hosted by Irene at Live. Love. Explore! Do stop by and take in all the great poetry being shared this week. Before you go, be sure to check out this week's poetry stretch results. Also, check the results I failed to post before I headed home in early May. There are some mighty fine poems about work.


  1. I've just about finished Gregory Orr's The Blessing but I have not read any of his poetry. Thank you for the introduction!

  2. I love those last two lines! So glad you are back in PF with us - I missed you last week!

  3. I have read him before. Glad to see this posted. Thank you.

  4. The after-death time is a season. It's nice to have companions like this poem to walk with you through it. (It was similar for me when my mum died three years ago.)

  5. I find this comforting too... to think that leaving is a natural part of life... you know, it IS.

  6. I'm glad to see you back, Tricia ("...Some -- gone patient long -- at length, renew their smile...." -Emily Dickinson) and with such a lovely poem by Orr. Thanks.

  7. Love the poem. Good reminder to stay in the moment, love the world we have, and sing our loss rather than wail it.

  8. Just wrote down these Leonard Cohen lines yesterday (From Boogie Street)

    " friends be not afraid
    so lightly we are here
    it is in love that we are made
    in love we disappear..."