Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bookshelves Around the World - Richmond, VA

For a while now the PaperTigers blog has been running a series they call Around the World in 100 Bookshelves. It's been inspiring to see how families value reading by surrounding their kids with books. I've been reluctant and a bit embarrassed to share William's bookshelves because ... well, because he's the most spoiled boy in the world, and I do mean that in the nicest way possible. As you'll soon see, when it comes to books, I have a hard time saying no. They're also my favorite gifts to give.

William got new bookcases this week and not only did he clean his room and arrange the shelves himself, he weeded his collection. Tomorrow we'll be taking more than 100 books to his school as a donation for the K, 1 and 2 teachers. He's very excited about sharing his "old" books with other kids who are learning to read.

So, without further ado, my son's bookshelves. (One of these shelves holds games, puzzles, and pop-up books.)
You can click on the photos for a close-up view of the titles. You'll find lots of nonfiction about animals (and the requisite dinosaurs), the picture books he still loves to read (365 Penguins is one of his favorites), and a whole lot of series books. Enjoy browsing!

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  1. It's a glorious collection of books - and please do send a photo to us too :) We recently passed on boxes of books too - some to friends with small children, others to the school library. I think it was harder for me to part with some of them than for the boys - so many memories wrapped up in them. But there just wasn't room for all of them anymore...