Tuesday, September 15, 2009

S and S and Sea Monsters!

While all the world talks about today's release of the new Dan Brown book, I want to hear about another book released today ... Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.
Nope, I haven't read it, but I did read the first chapter online. It begins this way.

The family of Dashwood had been settled in Sussex since before the Alteration, when the waters of the world grew cold and hateful to the sons of man, and darkness moved on the face of the deep.

The Dashwood estate was large, and their residence was at Norland Park, in the dead centre of their property, set back from the shoreline several hundred yards and ringed by torches.

BTW, have you seen the book trailer? And just in case you were wondering, here's how to escape from a giant octopus.


  1. The book trailer does make me laugh. Loudly. I can't see reading one of the books, though. Somehow I can take Austen satire better on film...

  2. I did read P and P and Z and was quite amused by the faces folks made when they saw what I was reading. Since I know that story inside and out, there were spots where I laughed out loud at the way zombies were woven into the plot. And some of the line changes? Priceless!

  3. Hey Tricia,

    I ran across your blog and saw that you opted to forgo talking about the new Dan Brown book and, instead, posted about "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters." Thanks!! I work for the publisher, and I was wondering if you wanted to receive info and updates about the Quirk Classics series. If you do, just send us an email at QuirkClassics@gmail.com. If not, that’s okay. We won’t bug you again.

    I'm glad you read, and laughed at, P&P&Z. I hope you get a chance to read S&S&SM too, because I think you'll really enjoy it!

    FYI: At the end of the month, we’ll be announcing the next title in the series.

    Thanks for talking about our book, and happy reading!