Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poetry Stretch Results - Haiku Riddles

And now, coming to you live from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport, I offer you the results of this week's poetry stretch. (The challenge was to write haiku riddles.)
Susan Taylor Brown of Susan Writes left this poem in the comments.
    garden buzz alarm
    blood sucking helicopter
    lands on my fair skin
Jane Yolen left these poems in the comments.
    I wax and I wane,
    When I am all fired up.
    Happy birthday, friend.

    Needless to say, child,
    I have lots of Christmas cheer,
    Though balsam for yew.

    I often reflect
    On the state of my drinking.
    Clarity is best.

    All poems © 2009 Jane Yolen, all rights reserved
    Answers: candle, Christmas tree, glass of water
Kate Coombs of Book Aunt left these poems in the comments.
    Green grazing on green,
    I chomp and I jump. I slurp
    bud's heart for dessert.

    Brambles saunter through
    the garden, sniffing for snails:
    shouldn't spheres be smooth?

    Hooligan by night,
    who-dunnit by day, dropping
    bone-and-whisker clues.

    Answers: grasshopper, hedgehog, and owl
Shutta (who are you?) left these poems in the comments.
    Clouds are cradled—safe
    In the arms of strong mothers
    Still, there will be tears

    Soldiers rise early
    Green-capped and orderly. Snap!
    I’ve captured them all.

    Answers: mountains/rain and asparagus
Pat Lewis stopped by to share a haiku that Paul Janeczko admired and sent along to him. This one is anonymous. (Okay, it's not a riddle, but it's fun!)
    Writing a haiku
    in seventeen syllables
    is very diffi-
Laura Purdie Salas left these poems in the comments.
    I’m caught dead center
    in summer’s sweaty tug o’ war
    with winter’s calm, icy pull

    I’m ocean’s dancer,
    echoing wind’s rhythms with
    my white-caped shoulders

    Raindrops on demand
    fall from bathroom’s popcorn sky
    Warm, hot—flush—ICE!

    Answers: autumn, wave and shower
Harriet of spynotes left these poems in the comments.
    Inside me you find
    A plethora of stories
    But not any stairs

    Darting needle-sharp
    A flash of iridescence
    Skimming the pond

    Answers: book and dragonfly
Cindy Blair left this poem in the comments.
    Coat of many shades
    falling softly off my limbs
    bare when the snow falls

    Answer: fall tree
Julie Larios of The Drift Record left this poem in the comments.
    I was bound to be
    beautiful, isn't it true?
    Dedicated, too.

    Answer: a book
Here are my contributions this week. I wrote the last one just a short while ago while winging my way to Pennsylvania.
Look at me! BLINK! BLINK!
Do you find me attractive?
I’m the one! BLINK! BLINK!

Powerhouse lifters
An army marching afield
to steal your picnic

Nature's costumer
places high top hats on trees,
whiskers on mountains

Answers: firefly, ant and fog
It's not too late if you still want to play. Leave me a note about your poem and I'll add it to the list.


  1. I don't know what happened but I left my poem earlier and then it vanished. Hope you're having a fabulous time!
    Here are my two:

  2. These are so fun!
    Here's mine:
    You may spot me on
    a leaf gulping an aphid.
    I’m no gentleman.