Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Little Mo for MR and Other Fans

This month in the magazine Teaching PreK-8 you'll find a delightful interview with Mo Willems. It begins this way.
What would happen if the main character in Mo Willems' "pigeon" book series, the tenacious bird itself, cornered its creator for an interview? We can only imagine the interrogation to which it would subject poor Mo about being denied the opportunity to helm a bus, enjoy its very own hot dog or stay up past its birdy bedtime. And, of course, it would want to know why it doesn't star in all of Mo's books. Although Mo has given the attention-seeking bird cameo appearances in other titles, we doubt the persistent pigeon will be satisfied unless its creator is, well, 100% pigeon-holed.
Head on over and check out Don't the Let the Pigeon Interview Mo Willems!

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