Thursday, April 16, 2020

NPM 2020 - Golden Gate

A few days after my high school graduation I was in the hospital having reconstructive surgery on my ankle (gymnastics injury). Shortly after I came home, I got on my first plane (Continental Airlines) and flew to San Francisco. My aunt and uncle living in Walnut Creek, CA sent me the plane ticket as a graduation gift. While there I took in everything I possibly could. I remember being incredibly disappointed that it was so foggy on the day of our visit to see the Golden Gate Bridge.
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA
July, 1983

rising through the fog
orange vermillion towers
span the golden strait

Poem ©Tricia Stohr-Hunt, 2020. All rights reserved.

That's it for today. I hope you'll join me again tomorrow.

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  1. It NEVER fails. We had friends from Scotland for whom this was A Big Deal, and of course, the bridge played coy. We took a late afternoon ferry to Alcatraz, though, which allowed them to see a bit of the bridge from a new direction. When our friend Liz visited, we just took her on a streetcar and gave up on the bridge...