Friday, August 31, 2007

Graphic Poetry

I am scouring the web today, looking for great new resources for my secondary teachers. I have six in history (social studies), one English, one Spanish, and one double majoring in Physics and Latin. I seem to be striking it rich in English today. Here's another great site.
What do you get when you combine the feel of comic strip panels with photographs and text that floats among the images? Absolutely amazing, thoughtful and thought-provoking graphic poetry. Do visit and ponder the work of W. C. Pelon.


  1. That is really inspiring. I want to figure out how to do something like this with my haiku. Any ideas about software?

    I don't particularly like the way he has type face in white boxes plastered over the images, but it is effective for those poems. Haunting.

  2. You can always use PhotoShop to add text to the images. The background of the text can be made transparent so that it doesn't interfere with the image. I'm not sure about the "panels," but do know that there are some programs that help with comic strip construction.

  3. excellent link - thanks for sharing!