Friday, August 03, 2007

Poetry Friday Round Up - August 3rd

Today's roundup is filled with people, places and things. (Nouns, anyone?) There are also poems about being and doing. Really, just look at this wonderful offering of words filled with heart, soul and imagination. You'll also find some book reviews. Happy Poetry Friday, all!

Book Reviews
Franki at A Year of Reading has posted a review of the imaginative book Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry.

Over at Charlotte's Library, Charlotte has posted a review of A Kick in the Head.

Adrienne at WATAT shares the third in a series about Casey at the Bat. Be sure to check out the first two installments while you're there!

Elaine brings us a poetic twist on Hansel and Gretel over at the Blue Rose Girls. The poem Gretel examines female stereotypes.

Over at Mentor Texts and More, LiteracyTeacher shares a poignant poem written by a former student.

Akelda the Gleeful over at Saints and Spinners is in with a lovely original poem entitled This Century of Sleep.

Liz at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy shares some songs by Tommy Makem.

The Wordy Girls offer us some terrific poems inspired by a picture of a boy alone on a sidewalk.

Places and Times
Little Willow shares Summer by John Ashbery.

Over at Reader's Carousel, Julie treats us to the poem Once Around the Sun.

Stacy over at Two Writing Teachers brings us a Billy Collins poem about morning.

Rebecca at Ipsa Dixit shares Ocatvio Paz's Agua Nocturna. (Don't worry, translation included!)

John Mutford over at the Book Mine Set has a poem about road in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Even more exciting is the news that John recently had a poem published. Congratulations John! You can read an early draft of Capelin of Mutford's Cove, a poem about his grandmother's home.

Bri at Bri Meets Books is in with a William Jay Smith poem about polar bears.

Sylvia Vardell at Poetry for Children introduces us to the U.S. Poetry Map and shares The List by Naomi Shihab Nye.

Suzanne at Adventures in Daily Living shares Elsa Beskow's August.

Sarah shares a little August Light at Learning on the Edge.

Jenny at Little Acorns Treehouse shares some poems about our flag and country.

Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight reminds us of that glorious summer sun with an offering by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Elaine at Wild Rose Reader brings us a story about a young cancer survivor named Daisy, with some daisy poems in her honor.

In honor of my blog title, I bring you lupins in two forms. First, the poem A Song of the Flowers (which briefly mentions them), and the terrifically funny Dennis Moore skit from Monty Python.

Our favorite Journey Woman, Nancy is in with Charles Simic and Pigeons at Dawn.

Sam Riddleburger is in with an ode to his Star Wars Mobile.

Fuse #8 shares more of her mother's poetry with Mariah Educates the Sensitive, a fabulous poem about wool.

Becky at Becky's Book Reviews gets us thinking about our bellybuttons.

Being and Doing
Miss Erin is in with an original entitled Color.

Christine at The Simple and the Ordinary shares At the Sea-Side by Robert Louis Stevenson. (Great pictures too!)

At MsMac, Jone is thinking about the tragedy in Minneapolis and offers up some comfort.

Over at a wrung sponge, cloudscome treats us to a poem called Can't Sit Still.

Karen Edmisten shares the lovely poem Leisure, by William H. Davies.

Becky at Farm School reminds us to make the most of our time this summer with The Nurse's Song by William Blake.

Katie at Pixiepalace shares the Robert Louis Stevenson favorite, Bed in Summer.

Over at Living, Loving and Learning you can read Robert Frost's poem, A Minor Bird.

BondGirl over at Shaken and Stirred offers up a Charles Simic poem entitled Read Your Fate.

At Hiraeth, Kim leaves us thinking about rest and quiet with the poem Vacation by Rev. Lawrence Keister.

Hornblower at HMS Indefatigable give us Pablo Neruda and La Muerta.

Jules over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast presents Raw Silk and Uncut Wood by Lao Tzu.

Liz in Ink has ideas for poems about reading.

Over at Brand New Ending, Schelle has posted two poems. One is a about a puppet and another about doings at the beach.

Thanks to all who participated. This has been fun!


  1. I'm in with an ode to my ill-fated mobile of Star Wars spaceships...

  2. Thanks for the Dennis Moore lupin skit below - one of my favourite songs to sing, thanks to my husband, but I'd never seen the skit!

    My poems today are some thoughts from a puppet, and a wintry beach adventure for a toddler.

  3. Thanks for the lupines (none left in my garden, sadly, so I'm glad of the replacement!) and the rounding up, Tricia.

    I'm in with a "thing", I suppose! "Nurse's Song" by Blake, about fading summer sun and fun...

  4. Thank you for rounding us up.

  5. Thanks for doing the roundup! Here is a poem I published some years ago:

  6. Thank you for rounding us up.
    I'm in with Pablo Neruda - on death and love and living.

    And the good movie that goes with it :-)

  7. Thank you for hosting this. I have seen other Poetry Friday posts but I never knew how to participate. Luckily I found a link here from Farm School. I loved reading so many of the entries as I have always loved poetry but really stopped reading it once I was out of college and had kids. Now that my girls are getting a bit older, I would like to start sharing poetry with them. I homeschool and our first week of school will be an introduction to our country. We will learn the pledge of allegiance, discuss the flag and review maps. The two poems we will read are "Our Flag" and "Map of My Country" so those are the two that I posted for this weeks round up.

  8. Thanks for catching mine!

    Welcome back, and can't wait to meet you in Chicago!

  9. I'm in!

    Thanks for the roundup!

  10. Hello,

    Thanks for doing the round-up! I included in my post the cut-and-past coding for a button that links to your roundup post.



  11. I'm in!

  12. Thanks for finding us! It was teamwork this week -- Franki's out of town but had the post ready to go, I posted it before leaving for Leadership Academy, and you got us into the round-up! We get by with a little help from our friends!

  13. This is my first attempt at joining the roundup. Thanks for all your hard work in rounding all these wonderful poems up into one place.


  14. Thanks for rounding up! I'm in with a look at A Kick in the Head, an Everyday Guide to Poetic Forms.

  15. I'm in with a bit of an ode to digging holes at the beach.

  16. Thanks for rounding us up this week. I'm in with a posting about the new poetry map at AAP and a particular focus on Naomi Nye and her wonderful poem about reading entitled, "The List."

  17. Thanks for hosting!

    A little Water Night by Octavio Paz.

  18. I'm trying to get into Poetry Friday. I find myself thinking about what I want to write as Friday approaches. I love this idea.

  19. Thanks for doing the round up Trisha - I am enjoying it.