Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Poetry Stretch Results - Bouts-Rimés

Well, that idea went over like a lead balloon. Perhaps I can attribute the lack of entries to bloggers on vacation. There were two brave souls who wrote their own bouts-rimés using these words in this order.
nest, rest, flight, sight, flower, hour, wing, sing
Terrell at Alone on a Limb shares A Song Unsung. It's a lovely and heartwrenching poem about upsetting a bird's nest.

Heather at 2o's going on spinster with cats offers up her poem crafted in the midst of a bout of procrastination.

MotherReader offers up her meditation for Poetry Friday.
Here's my own prosaic offering. It definitely needs revision. Perhaps there's a kernel of an idea here I can use for some other poem.
Fledglings huddle in their nest
Enjoy the morning’s dewy rest
While mom takes flight
Not far from sight
She flits and floats among the flowers
Returning to feed her brood each hour
Tiny and fragile on the wing
Just listen as they beat and sing
Still want to play? Read the rules here. Then leave me a comment about your poem and I'll include it on the list.


  1. I don't think I'll publish the poem on my blog this time, but I wanted to show you my boutes-rime draft here:


    I am a thief. I will not make a nest,
    When all I have to do is wait and rest
    For other busy flocks to hunt in flight.
    I steal their well-built homes. Behold this sight:
    The twigs bent round, some leaves adorn a flower
    With mud and twine—a craft that took an hour
    Or more, depending on the time-twitched wing.
    The builder shall lament. The thief shall sing.

  2. Hi Alkelda,
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you're going to participate. I'll be sure to try a new form next week in the hopes that others will join.
    I do like your poem.

  3. Poetry ain't really my bag, but I'll give it a shot.

    I just wanted to send reassurance that I think the idea is good, but summertime is bad for participation. Lots of people on vacation, or busy, or not blogging, or reading irregularly. My stats have been down the past two months, but I just keep on writing - 'cause what else am I going to do. Clean? Hah!