Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Poetry Stretch Results - Centos and Lunes

First, last week's form, the cento, was particularly challenging. However, two folks recently posted centos that are superb. Please do take some time to read them.
Jules at Seven Imp offered up a cento for Eisha's birthday. Instead of lines from other poems, her cento is composed entirely of lines from songs.

The fabulously talented Elaine over at Wild Rose Reader wrote a cento on writing. It's beautifully done and fully captures the essence of writing a rough draft.
This week's form seems to have inspired a number of bloggers. Here are the folks who took up the challenge of writing a lune. You can read the rules here.
Terrell at Alone on a Limb shares several lunes accompanied by photos.

Joan at Daddy's Roses also shares several inspired poems. As a former middle school science teacher, I relate particularly well to the one about adolescent angst.

MotherReader shares a lune about the end of summer.
Still want to play? Try your hand at writing a few lunes and then leave me a comment. I'll post a link to your efforts here.

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  1. I really will participate in Poetry Mondays when I come back from my blogging break! In the meantime, the cento has given me an idea for a new "Children's Book that Never Was."