Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Poetry Stretch - Food For Thought

I have been reading a lot of poetry lately for an article I am writing. The more I read, the more I recognize my own decidedly biased tastes. I must admit, I have no fondness for love poetry. None. My apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the writers of aubades, but this just isn't my thing. However, give me a poem professing a love for food (chocolate?) and I am right there with the author, hanging on (drooling over?) every word.

Here's a poem from Arnold Adoff's book Eats Poems.
    you so
        in the
of your
Last year, Sara Lewis Holmes wrote one of the most mouth-watering poems I've ever read. Entitled and you know this, it's all about one of my favorite summertime foods. (I am the one eating in pre-counted rows, and I loved racing my brother!)

Now that you've seen a few examples, your challenge for this week is to write some food inspired poetry. Choose any form, and write about food in any way, from its creation to consumption. Leave me a comment about your poem and I'll post it here later this week.


  1. Oddly enough, I wrote a chocolate-related limerick a couple of days ago: Ode To A Grudge-Holding Judge.

  2. Mmmmm I am going to spend some time testing this one out. You know I have to eat a lot of what I love to write about it...

    Is next week going to be about exercise?

  3. Love reading your blog. Just spent all of April writing poems with my 4th graders - they had a blast! One of their assignments was "food poems" - check out my salad poem at

  4. Tricia,

    I just posted three food poems at Wild Rose Reader.

  5. I finally wrote my "first-time" poem for your Monday Poetry Stretch! I've been a fan for a while now. :~)

    My limerick is here:

  6. Thanks for the mention of my poem, Tricia. I should do an ode to mushrooms, one of my other favorite foods!