Friday, April 25, 2008

Poetry Friday - Gather Round

That's right, poetry Friday is here today. So, bring "the best words in the best order" and gather round for the last installment of Poetry Friday during National Poetry Month.

I'm starting things off this week with a poem by Amy Lowell. It was first published in 1919 in a volume entitled Pictures of the Floating World.
By Messenger
by Amy Lowell

One night
When there was a clear moon,
I sat down
To write a poem
About maple-trees.
But the dazzle of moonlight
In the ink
Blinded me,
And I could only write
What I remembered.
Therefore, on the wrapping of my poem
I have inscribed your name.
This poem and the book it was published in are in the public domain and have been digitized and made available by Google. You can read the entire volume simply by downloading a copy.

The round-up is being done the old-fashioned way this week, so leave me a comment about your post and I'll add poems to the list throughout the day. Happy poetry Friday, all!

The Best Words - Some Well-Known and Little-Known Poems
  • cloudscome at a wrung sponge is sharing Sestina by Elizabeth Bishop.
  • At Findings, writer2b shares a post entitled Finding the Keynote, with reflections and poems on pianos.
  • Lisa at A little of this, a little of that shares Mending Wall by Robert Frost.
  • At Finding Wonderland, TadMack shares George Herbert's Vertue.
  • Eisha at Seven Imp shares the poem Nesting by Dana Koster.
  • Little Willow at bildungsroman shares the poem Dark Knight from Emily the Strange.
  • At Charlotte's Library, Charlotte gives us Eeyore's Poem from The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne.
  • Liz at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy checks in with Poem 126 by Emily Dickinson.
  • Christine from The Simple and the Ordinary is sharing a hodge-podge of poetry that includes The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere (Longfellow), Casey at the Bat (Thayer), and Casey's Revenge (Rice).
  • Michelle at Scholar's Blog is celebrating Shakespeare's birthday (again!) with Sonnet 104.
In the Best Order - Original PoetryAnd Then Some - Book Reviews and Interviews
  • I am reviewing a poetry book a day as part of National Poetry Month. This week I wrote two posts about Poetry Between Cultures. See Part 1 and Part 2.
  • John Mutford of The Book Mine Set reviews Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
  • Kerry at Shelf Elf has a review of Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham and shares a poem from the book.
  • Susan at Chicken Spaghetti is sharing the thoughts of Dirda (Washington Post book critic) and others on De La Mare.
Topping it Off With Fun!
  • Over at Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup, Jama is hosting a Mad Poet's Tea Party. Grab your hat and go!
  • Alkelda the Gleeful at Saints and Spinnners is singing a song of the week. It's Hey Little Red Bird by Dan Zanes.
  • Ms. Mac at Check It Out has postcards with original poems by students just waiting to wing their way to you. Send her a message to receive a postcard in your mailbox.


  1. Tricia,

    Thanks for doing the roundup this week!

    At Wild Rose Reader, I have a review of a delightful new collection of dog poems by Linda Ashman entitled STELLA, UNLEASHED: NOTES FROM THE DOGHOUSE.

    At Blue Rose Girls, I have May Swenson's poem "Analysis of Baseball."

  2. Hi Tricia:

    Thanks for the roundup. I'm in with a springtime original this week:

  3. I'm up with an original (not shocking here in April, since I'm up with an original every day!)...

    The Talking Cake Blues

    Thanks for hosting!

  4. Good Morning Tricia!

    Thanks for hosting the roundup this week. :)

    I'm in with a religious 'poem' that's also a famous song:

    Stacey from Two Writing Teachers

  5. Happy Last Friday in April! (eep!)

    I've got some simile and metaphor poems by my students.

    Thanks for hosting!

  6. What a lovely poem! Thanks for letting us know it's out there and for doing the round up. I have a sestina by Elizabeth Bishop. I've also experimented with recording myself reading the color poem I wrote for your Monday stretch at VoiceThreads - what fun!

  7. Thanks for the link and for hosting this week.

    I'm in with a review of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Evangeline

  8. Today everyone's invited to the Mad Poet's Tea Party with Lewis Carroll and other random guests:

    Thanks for hosting!!

  9. Thanks for doing the round up. I'm in with "The Land of Counterpane" by Robert Louis Stevenson:

  10. In with a poem of my own!

  11. I'm in with a review and a poem from Carole Boston Weatherford's book Jesse Owens.
    World of Words

  12. Tricia,

    At Write Time, I have an interview with Bobbi Katz.


  13. Hi Tricia,

    My post this week is on Kelly Bingham's verse novel, Shark Girl, which was just featured as this month's readergirlz read.




  14. Thanks for hosting the round-up. I have two poems about the piano and some reflections at:

  15. I'm in with Robert Frost. Thanks for the round-up!

  16. Hey Tricia! Thanks for hosting. I'm in with an oldie but goodie Virtue, by George Herbert.

    Hope you're getting some well-deserved downtime soon!

  17. Hi Tricia! I'm in today with The Logic of Beauty, some musings on Wallace Stevens' Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.

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  19. Sorry, I messed up the link tag on that last one. What I tried to say was:

    Great poem - I'll have to download the book and check it out as well.

    7-Imp is in with a fairy-tale-ish poem, "Nesting" by Dana Koster.

    Thanks for rounding up this week.

  20. Tricia, I also have orginal poetry here:

  21. Thanks from me, too, Tricia. I'm in with "Spring Goeth All in White."

  22. Hi Tricia -- Happy Friday. Thanks for hosting. I have a quirky little piece by Richard Brautigan today...

  23. Thanks for hosting again! I have posted seven versions of a new poem by Janet S. Wong, with her permission of course!

  24. I'm in this week with a song by Dan Zanes, called Hey Little Red Bird.

  25. Thanks so much for hosting. At The Well-Read Child, Wes is in with a little Richard Wilbur.

  26. Hi Tricia,

    Thanks for hosting!

    I'm in with Eeyore's Poem, from The House at Pooh Corner.

    On a distantly related note, looking for a different poem I found this website and thought of you! It was a bit beyond me...

  27. Thanks for hosting. My contribution is a Judith Viorst poem.

  28. Thanks for hosting and the nifty spot for gathering round this week, Tricia!

    I have some Spring silliness and more by Charles Causley on poetry for children

  29. I have autograph rhymes this week:

    Thanks, Tricia!

  30. Thanks for hosting! I'm in with some Langston Hughes and a verse novel review!

  31. Thanks for gathering us all together! I am sharing a Robert Frost over at :: Adventures in Daily Living ::

  32. Thank you for the roundup. :)

  33. Thanks for hosting! I'm in over at the Simple and the Ordinary with a mixed bag of Patriots and Baseball.

  34. Tricia, thanks for rounding up.

    I'm in with a post called "Dirda (and Others) on De La Mare."


    Chicken Spaghetti

  35. Thanks for rounding up. I'm in with Shakespeare's Sonnet 104 to celebrate the Bard's birthday a second time (and why not?)

  36. What I posted today barely counts as a contribution, as I just dashed off a quick haiku about baking chocolate cake today. But, I can't bear not to post and get the word out about Poetry Friday, so count me in on that score. :-)

    It's here.

  37. Forgot to say thanks for rounding up! The old-fashioned way is a lot of work! :-)

  38. I posted some reviews of poetry books I have in my classroom here.

  39. Thanks for hosting this week! I'm sharing an original poem by a blogging buddy of mine called The Woman in the Wheelchair.

  40. Thanks much for the roundup this week!

    I posted a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay...


  41. Thanks for hosting this week. I was trying to do an original poem (of mine) all month, but, frankly, I ran out of anything decent in my folder, so I dug through my son's. Today, I've got one of his fun limericks up.

  42. First, thanks for rounding up.

    Second, I adore Amy Lowell.

    Third, I'm in (late!) with Robert Frost's "The Rose Family". The link is to my primary blog at LJ:

  43. Tricia, my originial commnet never posted. Weird. Thanks for takiong care of the round up this week.
    Here is the school link: