Monday, August 17, 2009

Rock and Roll Lyrics Like You've Never Read Them

I do love McSweeney's. Today they have me laughing over "thesaurusized" lyrics to rock songs. Here's an excerpt. Can you guess the name of the song?
In the recent past, every one of my dilemmas gave the impression of being so distantly absent.

At the present, it seems as though they're at this time to hang about.

Oh, I accept as true the recent past.

Abruptly, I'm not partially the gentleman I used to exist as.

There's a silhouette suspended on top of me.

Oh, the recent past approached abruptly.
Head on over and check out Rock and Roll, Thesaurusized.


  1. Bwa-hahahahah!
    Oh, I accept as true the recent past.

    It's just not quite as melodic.