Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weeding My Teaching Library

I'm in a bit of procrastination mode (yes, I have syllabi to finish, books to review, reports to write) and so am cleaning my office. Yes, this is LONG overdue. I do not like to get rid of books, but am running out of shelf space. Those nonfiction picture books published in the 80s and 90s must go. It's a bit hard parting with titles I used in my own classroom, but I must make room for the new books that I am using and sharing with kids. In flipping through them I'm so pleased to see how far these books have come in the last 20 years. The photos are so much better and the texts tighter.

As I say goodbye to some well-worn friends, I want to send a hearty thank you to all the folks out there writing nonfiction for kids today. You do amazing work and I'm proud to have your pieces on my shelves.

(These pictures are of my office in full disaster mode. I keep telling myself it WILL get better!)


  1. I am a bit jealous of kids today bookwise too--truly the non-ficiton is so much better than it was when I was young.

    I was doing similar procrastion myself today--lots of houseguests coming this weekend, so I sorted some bookshelves!

  2. I'm halfway through doing the same--and stuck, with bookshelf block instead of writers block. What was my strategy again, and how did I ever acquire sooooo many books? Thanks for sharing--makes me feel less daunted somehow!

  3. Lovely to see a bit of disorder in other parts of the world. It's not just me!

  4. I love going through my books! It is hard to weed books. I am also loving the new non-fiction out there. One of my recent favorites is a Nic Bishop book about frogs. What an amazing read! I read it last year to all different ages and they loved it. The pictures are amazing.