Thursday, April 01, 2010

Poetry Makers Schedule

The schedule for the Poetry Makers series has been finalized! Here are the fabulously talented folks you'll be meeting this month. (You'll notice that on several Poetry Friday's two poets will be featured. What a deal!)
  1. Mary Ann Hoberman (already posted!)
  2. Nikki Grimes
  3. Francisco Alarcón
  4. Gene Fehler
  5. Sharon Creech
  6. Anna Grossnickle Hines
  7. Alice Schertle
  8. Nikki Giovanni
  9. Charles Ghigna
  10. James Carter / JonArno Lawson
  11. Pat Hubbell
  12. Kurt Cyrus
  13. David Harrison
  14. Juanita Havill
  15. Deborah Ruddell
  16. Stephen Swinburne / Marjorie Maddox
  17. Eileen Spinelli
  18. Charles R. Smith
  19. Kathi Appelt
  20. Heidi Mordhorst
  21. Allan Wolf
  22. Ron Koertge
  23. Michael J. Rosen / April Halprin Wayland
  24. Hope Anita Smith
  25. Carmen Bernier-Grand
  26. Jenny Whitehead
  27. Brod Bagert
  28. Kalli Dakos
  29. Bruce Lansky
  30. X.J. Kennedy
It's an amazing list, don't you agree? I hope you'll come back each day this month to dig a little deeper into the world of children's poetry.


  1. What a great line-up, Tricia! I can't wait to read all the interviews.

  2. This is gonna be great!

    Love your new template, too. Beautiful.

  3. Great list, Tricia! And you look lovely in green....

  4. Wowzers! (Or is that Wowsers?)

    What a fabulous list. Looking forward to them all! Thank you for doing this. And a belated tip of the hat to the lovely new blog design.

  5. Great work by these writers, and also by Tricia in putting this list together. When I read poems suitable for children I feel something of the child remaining in me. I recently wrote this:


    Walk down poets' lane,
    Climb poets' hill.

    Swim in poets' pool,
    Visit poets' mill.

    Sit in the shade of poets' tree,
    Wander in poets' park.

    Cross poets' river,
    By means of poets' ark.

    Eat poets' pie,
    Drink poets' ale.

    Study poets' verses,
    Read poets' mail.

    Fly in poets' jumbo jet,
    Sail in poets' yacht.

    Turn poets' corner,
    And see who you can spot.

    © 23-03-10