Friday, April 23, 2010

Poetry Stretch Results - Shoes

The challenge this week was to write a poem about shoes. Here are the results.
Steven Withrow of Crackles of Speech shares a poem entitled Heels of Hermes.

Stu Pidasso of Mudville Musings shares a poem entitled Shoe Prince.

A Shoe Spiritual
by Jane Yolen

Click my heels.
Leap my soles.
Darn my heart--
My socks have holes.
Insteps dance.
Laces sing.
And I can make
The floorboards ring.

Tongues call out
To Peter’s gate.
I will not have
Too long to wait.
Click my heels,
Tap my toes.
Where these shoes go,
Heaven knows.

©2010 Jane Yolen, all rights reserved

Old Sneakers
by Kate Coombs of Book Aunt

When I opened the box
you were bright white,
gleaming like TV teeth.

Not anymore. Now
you look kind of gray,
like two old men—

your skin covered
with wrinkles and spots,
weathered leather.

Yeah, you remind me
of my grandfather's hugs,
good old sneakers.

--Kate Coombs, 2010, all rights reserved

Tap Shoe Jive
by Nicole Marie Schreiber

Clickety clap,
Tippity tap,
Hearing myself,
Go snappity snap.
Always moving,
Always grooving.
Rhythm and rhyme,
Steppin’ in time.

Julie Larios of The Drift Record shares this untitled poem.

Bernie loves
his Birkenstocks -
not the knock offs.
Only real.
Falls for a girl
in chic stilettos -
(red kid leather,
5-inch heel.)
Bernie woos her,
shoes and all,
(B. doesn't let a
stiletto stop him.)
Starts to like
the spiky things,
tries them on...
Girl is gone.

Riding Boots
by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater of The Poem Farm

We're riding boots.
We don't wear out.
We rarely touch the ground.
In the ring
On forest trails
We mostly hang around.
Riding rhythms of each horse
Leather stirrups hold us in.
We feel our rider on our soles.
Who knew that feet could grin?

© Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Elaine Magliaro of Wild Rose Reader shares a poem entitled Sole Song.

Jone of Deo Writer shares a poem and a photo.
It's not too late if you still want to play. Leave me a note about your poem and I'll add it to the list.

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