Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Cybils Confession

Everywhere you look these days you'll find some list of Cybils panelists and judges on another kidlit blog. I guess it's about time I confessed to my total inability to say NO and admit to being honored to serve this year on a panel with an amazing group of folks. Go ahead, just try and guess which category.
This fall you'll find me working hard on the nominating panel for nonfiction picture books (surprise!) along with these lovely bloggers:
Our fearless leader is Eisha of Seven-Imp fame. You can read about her here and here.

Nominations open on October 1st. I hope you're ready to contribute some great titles for us to wade through. I'm secretly hoping that our group selects such a fabulous group of finalists that the judging panel experiences a few sleepless nights and teeny, tiny bit of agita in selecting the winner. (Oops! Did I really say that out loud?!) The judging panel consists of the these awesome bloggers:
See how great they are? I have every confidence that they'll do a fantastic job.

For more info, visit the Cybils web site or blog. If you want to get involved in the discussion, join the Cybils forum and share your ideas.


  1. Y'all are a seriously outstanding group of bloggers. This panel is going to rock. I have every confidence that you'll give the Judging panel (who also rock) some serious agita.

    Thanks for the new word, btw.

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  3. "removed by a blog administrator" hee hee...I feel like I've commmitted a blog crime or Tricia hates me or something, but no, folks, Tricia removed the comment at my request, so it's all good. :^)

    Here's what *should* go in that space:

    LOL! I secretly hope the same thing. Looking forward to working with you and the rest of the gang...great group.