Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Poetry Stretch Results - Blues Poems

A few folks have shared their blues poems this week. It seems we all have a lot to lament! So, without further ado, here are the results of this week's stretch.
Mary Lee at A Year of Reading gives us The AYP Blues. Amen to that!

Tiel Aisha Ansari at Knocking From Inside gives us one of her favorites, Lyrics & Blues. She has previously written a number of poems in this form. You can read them here.

MotherReader is in this week with the very funny Volunteer Blues.

John Mutford at The Book Mine Set shares his poem, No Blues Blues.

Cloudscome over at a wrung sponge has a bit of the Touch Typing Blues.

My first attempt with this form was Rainy Day Blues. Here's my latest effort.

Lunch Box Blues

I eat a brown bag lunch
In the dining hall at noon
A peanut butter sandwich
September through to June
That same old peanut butter
Gonna’ send me to the moon
Oh man I gotta’ say it
Got the doggone lunch box blues!

No Lunchables in my sack
No sandwich made of Fluff
No Ho Hos, chips or candy
Just the same old healthy stuff
That peanut butter sandwich
It’s gonna’ make me snap
Oh man I gotta’ say it
Got the doggone lunch box blues!

I know my Momma loves me
Feeds me good stuff every day
Grapes and cheese and carrots
A healthy food buffet
And yes, that peanut butter
Looks like it’s here to stay
Oh man I gotta’ say it
Got the doggone lunch box blues!

I’d trade it all for French fries
Or some chocolate for my meal
If my snotty little sister
Wouldn’t run right home and squeal
Now that stupid peanut butter
Has lost all of its appeal
Ain’t no other way to say it
Got the doggone lunch box blues!
It's not too late to play. Read the guidelines and try your hand at a blues poem. Then leave me a comment and I'll link your creation here.

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