Friday, September 14, 2007

Poetry Friday - Rainy Day Blues

I was talking to my Dad this week and we were discussing the drought where he lives. It's also dry here, and while my small garden is thirsty for rain, I can't help but feeling a wee bit guilty for wishing the skies would open up when so many others this summer were devastated by heavy rains and flooding.

Following this conversation I was up in the wee hours unable to sleep, so I wrote this poem about rain. Enjoy!
Rainy Day Blues
Clouds loomin' and thunder boomin'
Skies grayin' and people sayin'
They got the rainy day blues.

Drops ploppin' and garden soppin'
Puddles growin' and rivers flowin'
With rainy day blues.

Ground seepin' and trees weepin'
Gutters spillin' and pools fillin'
With rainy day blues.

Hair drippin' and shoes squishin'
Umbrella flyin' -- there's no denyin'
I got the rainy day blues.

Skies clearin' and sunshine nearin'
Storms endin' with rainbow bendin'
No more rainy day blues!
The round up today is at Hip Writer Mama. Please head on over and check out the great posts. You should also make your way to the results of this week's poetry stretch and read some of the wonderful pantoums folks wrote. Happy poetry Friday, all!


  1. Oh, my...I read this out loud to myself in my kitchen and by the end, I was swaying like a blues singer. This is great! Could be a picture book. I'm imagining how much fun it would be to illustrate this, with notes and rain pouring everywhere.

  2. Tricia,

    We had a downpour the other day. We haven't had much precipitation this summer. I like your rhythmic poem about the rain.

    I didn't get around to participating in your poetry stretch this week. I will have to attempt writing a pantoum some day. I've been busy getting everything organized for our reading council's dinner meeting in early November. We had an awesome program of speakers for the 2006-2007 school year: David McPhail, Joseph Bruchac, and Mary Ann Hoberman. We've got a terrific program planned for 2007-2008, too!

  3. Great one -- totally rhythmic and kid-friendly, too!

  4. Hi Tricia,

    I was intrigued by the pantoum earlier this week, but I must admit I got intimidated. I don't know why now, but at the time, I thought, "Gack!"

    Your poetry post today makes me wonder when our rainy season will begin. Each day of sunshine coupled with cool days makes me think, "This is the last day of summer."

  5. Love the sounds and rhythm of this poem. Sara's right -- it would make a great picture book.

  6. This poem definitely BEGS for music and splashy (ha!) illustrations and a choreographed (or not) dance!

  7. I got the rainy day ...
    OH, I got the rainy day ...
    YEAH, I got the rainy day ...
    Blu- u- ues!
    (them dreary, drippy, don't-drag-your-muddy-shoes-all-through-my-house rainy day blues)

    Oops, sorry, got a little carried away there! I love your song ... I mean poem!