Friday, September 21, 2007

Poetry Friday - Found Poetry and More

I have a collection of notebooks in many sizes that I use as my writer's notebooks. I never go anywhere without one of them. Whenever I'm out and about these days, I look for new journals or notebooks that will inspire me. While visiting my sister last year I bought several single subject notebooks, small in size, and covered with stars. On the name label they read, "All tiny things are pretty," and on the bottom corner of each cover is this poem.
Sweet strawberries, stars,
flowers, four-leafed clovers
and my heart ached for you.
Here is one of my original poems from inside. It is, as yet, untitled.
Blue skies through
time and space
cannot erase
the crashing waves
the roaring sound
heard in the
that I had found.
This third one is for Kelly at Big A little a. In her post on Everyday Etiquette this week she asked how to stop those "talkers" who keep meetings going on, and on, and on. My advice? This little bit of Mao. I think every meeting room should have a poster like this. This particular piece of art was hanging on the wall of conference room at Beijing Normal University.
Just in case you can't read it, it says:
Talks, speeches, articles, and resolutions should all be concise and to the point. Meetings also should not go on too long.
Finally, my last bit of poetry takes the form of a SmilE. When I got home from choir practice last night, I arrived to find my husband at wit's end. I'm sure the fact that he gave our 6 year old 6 chocolate bars for dessert had absolutely nothing to do with his sorry state. When William, who normally goes to bed at 7:30, greeted me at the door at 8:20 with "Guess what Dad did?" and then proceeded to run laps around the kitchen, I had to . . . well, you guessed it, smile. Really, what else could I do? I hope this story brings that same smile to you.

That's it for me today. Poetry Friday this week is being hosted by the incomparable Sara Lewis Holmes at Read Write Believe. Head on over and read all the great posts. But wait! Before you go, check out the results of this week's poetry stretch on blues poems. Happy Poetry Friday, all!


  1. Oh, have everything today: notebooks, and poems and smiles and even a touch of Mao. I went over and read your new blues poem. Ha! Love those peanut butter blues. Personally, I went through a stage as a kid where all I ate was American cheese on a soft, white roll. I have no idea why.

    SIX chocolate bars? That's gotta go in the Dad Hall of Fame, or something.

  2. Oh, what a beautiful poem! Lucky, talented woman!

    And I'm smiling with you over the chocolate bars. What an experiment in Cause & Effect!

  3. You know the old Bill Cosby routine? "Dad is great! He gives us chocolate cake!" Sounds like your husband is updating that one...

  4. Enjoying every, single aspect of this post ... your notebooks, your poetry, and the idea of six chocolate bars in a row. That's its own kind of poetry.

  5. Tricia,

    Love your poem--and the "chocolate story." Dads are like that. My daughter had HER dad wrapped around her little finger. Once, when she was little, he took her for a train ride to a touristy town in Massachusetts. Guess what he got her for lunch? Ice cream!

  6. Very nice poem, Tricia. And I'm pretty sure that is the Chairman's first appearance at Poetry Friday.

  7. This really is a lovely post, from writer's notebooks, your poem, chocolate dad story and the Chairman. Way to pull it all together!