Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Poetry Stretch Results - Bouts-Rimés

People seem to be getting good with this form. I find these poems difficult to write, feeling constrained by the words I must use and the order in which they must appear. For this bouts-rimés, writers were given these words:
hour, tower, thought, fought, hand, grand, teem, dream
Here is what they did with them.
A warm welcome to sister AE at Having Writ who gives us The Plan.

Tiel Aisha Ansari at Knocking From Inside shares XVI -The Tower.

Terrell at Alone on a Limb gives us Alone.

Cloudscome over at a wrung sponge presents the lovely Quaker Meeting Poem.
Here's my own offering.
I stand at the window awaiting the hour
Eyes cast down from the guarded tower
Through bars I peer while lost in thought
Fear and tears cannot be fought
Jingling keys I hear in hand
Prepared for the march to the gallows grand
Faces and memories in my head teem
A shout! Awake! It's just a dream.
Still want to play? Read the rules here. Then leave me a comment about your poem and I'll include it on the list.


  1. Here's one for you, Tricia. I so don't write poetry, but for some reason the strictness of this form gave me some room to play. It's a little corny, but I got all the words in:

    Sitting at the computer yet another hour
    I wish for a wood where the trees would tower
    Over me. Or a green glade where thought
    Could freshen, not come so hard fought
    As it does here in this sterile space. I reach my hand
    Out, feel only dull cold plastic. Once I found the quiet grand,
    Inviting, the blankness open for my brain to teem
    With ideas. But that was just a dream.

  2. Thanks again for giving us this exercise! I have one up today here.