Thursday, September 06, 2007

Best Books of 2007 (So Far) - Poetry

Inspired (cajoled? shamed?) by MotherReader to participate in her Best Books of the Year to date list, I decided to focus first on the poetry titles from 2007 that I most admire. Drum roll please!
  • Animal Poems by Valerie Worth - This collection of poems, published posthumously and marvelously illustrated by Steve Jenkins, creatively captures a range of animals.
  • Blue Lipstick: Concrete Poems by John Grandits - When I read the review in The Horn Book and saw the poem entitled Pep Rally, I knew I had to have this book. The poems do not disappoint. Grandits has accurately captured female teenage angst in this marvelous collection.
  • comets, stars, the moon and mars by Douglas Florian - I LOVE all things Florian, so sue me. Not only does he write great poetry, but his art is inspired. And besides, anyone who can aptly capture the demotion of Pluto is a star in my book.
  • This is Just to Say: Poems of Apology and Forgiveness by Joyce Sidman - If you could apologize for something you'd done wrong, what would you say? This wonderful collection of poems from sixth grade apologists is funny and sad and well worth reading. Once you read the poems of apology you can read responses from the recipients.
Up next? Nonfiction. Stay tuned.


  1. Those look like some great suggestions. Can't wait to see what you loved in non-fiction.

  2. Animal Poems was on my list as well. I also really liked the Florian book. I've not yet read Joyce's new book, nor have I seen Blue Lipstick, but I will make a point to track them both down.

    I also liked Your Own, Sylvia: a Verse Portrait of Sylvia Plath by Stephenie Hemphill -- it's YA, and gorgeously well-done.