Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Bit of History

I came back from vacation with a box full of slides. For years, this was how photographs in our family were processed. We didn't get paper pictures to hold and gaze at. We were instead treated to an evening in a darkened room, lamenting the slides put in backwards and upside-down, yet still sharing fond memories together.

I spent this morning learning how to scan slides so that I can preserve some of these precious moments. I started with photos I might be able to use in class this fall. That means I began with photos of family trips to Cape Canaveral and D.C., moved on to my parents' trips to Alaska and Hawaii, and ended with a few family photos.

In two hours I scanned, rotated, cropped, and adjusted only 60 slides. Let's just say this will be a labor of love. Here are a few of my favorites.


D.C. in Bloom

My Mom

Okay, it may have taken a long time, but it certainly was fun.

P.S. - I have a TON of real work to do. Can you tell I'm procrastinating? I'm darn good at it too!

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  1. I have boxes of slides from my two years in China. They are sitting in my closet. I meant to have them made into a video tape about ten years ago. It never happened so now I am thinking DVD... or wait a while and see what technology is next LOL. I should figure out how to scan them. What equipment are you using?

    Those photos of family and personal history are priceless. Your mom in her wedding dress... so sweet. No amount of time is too much for the chance to see them again and pass them on.