Monday, August 18, 2008

Martha Coming to PBS

Susan Meddaugh's Martha will become the star of a PBS series this fall. Here's the scoop.
Now, as PBS strives to help the at-risk children who represent its public-service legacy - and appeal to affluent parents who want to give their children a leg up in school - it is making "Martha Speaks" its big hope for the fall. The half-hour show, which premieres nationwide Sept. 1, aims to teach 4- to 7-year-olds words as advanced as "communicate," "diminish," "courageous," and "concoct."
You can read more about this in the article PBS Set to Unleash a New Tutor.

You can also check out the Martha Speaks web site. Be sure to view some of the sample videos and look over the episode list.

Finally, you can learn about Susan Meddaugh and watch a video. (Doesn't her author visit look like fun?)

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