Monday, August 04, 2008

Thoughts on Charlotte and Charlotte's Web

I had a driveway moment this afternoon as I sat in my car and listened to the end of Melissa Block's piece on Charlotte from Charlotte's Web. It was wonderful hearing about the research E.B. White did in preparing to write about this amazing spider.

Do give a listen to the In Character segment entitled Charlotte A. Cavatica: Bloodthirsty, Wise And True. While at this site you can also listen to a recording of E.B. White reading an excerpt from the book.

In case you haven't been listening, you should know that many wonderful literary characters have been highlighted in this series. You can read/hear them all at the In Character page.


  1. Wow.

    Thank you so much for that, Trish! That was wonderful reading - I have always loved the realism of Charlotte's Web - even though I cried every year when it came on TV - it was one of those special occasion nights that I got to stay up late and I was a drama addict even then, LOL! Charlotte was so cool - in charge but compassionate - loyal - it was one of my uber-favorites! Still is.


    Great site - thank you for introducing me!

  2. awesome! i had exactly the same driveway moment today! thanks for posting this.