Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More on Boys and Reading

Here is the introduction from a recent press release.
If reading were an Olympic sport, it would be the women holding all the gold medals and world records - not the men. In fact, the women are not just passing their male counterparts when it comes to reading, they are lapping them around the track.

"The Olympic games serve as an apt metaphor and occur at an appropriate time to remind the nation's educators and parents that we need to acknowledge this widespread problem, and work harder to engage boys in reading," said noted children's author Jon Scieszka, who was recently named National Ambassador for Young People's Literature by the Library of Congress.
Read more in the release entitled How Many Gold Medals Would Boys Win if Reading Were an Olympic Sport? In it you will learn that Scieszka has partnered with the education publisher Pearson to author a new Reading Street elementary school curriculum as well as Prentice Hall Literature programs for middle and high school.

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  1. My sons love everything Jon Scieszka writes. I have always thought his genius was that he rarely falls back on the idea that the only thing that interests boys is sports. Instead he goes for the more universal appeal of the funny, the tricky, and the gross. I guess I can forgive one sports reference!