Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Books for Elementary Social Studies - Geography

Did I mention I'm team teaching this semester? I am still teaching two sections of Integrated Curriculum Methods (pedagogical approaches to teaching science and social studies in the elementary classroom), though this time around I am thrilled to be working with a social studies consultant from a local school division. That means I get to teach all the science and she teaches all the social studies. While I do miss (just a little bit) the responsibility for the whole shootin' match, I get to focus on what I do best--math (my other class) and science.

So, one class has jumped into science while the other has begun with social studies. This means that new books suggestions coming out each week will be for two different areas of the curriculum!

This week the social studies folks have posted their reviews of books for teaching geography in the elementary classroom. They have selected some really wonderful books that span the globe, so head on over to Open Wide, Look Inside to see what they're sharing this week.

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