Friday, January 08, 2010

Poetry Friday is Here!

Did you know that January is National Puzzle Month? In honor of this month-long celebration I'm sharing a wonderful poem by Russell Hoban. You can find it in A New Treasury of Children's Poetry, selected by Joanna Cole (p. 210).
Jigsaw Puzzle
by Russell Hoban

My beautiful picture of pirates and treasure
is spoiled, and almost I don't want to start
to put it together; I've lost all the pleasure
I used to find in it: there's one missing part.

I know there's one missing -- they lost it, the others,
the last time they played with my puzzle -- and maybe
there's more than one missing: along with the brothers
and sisters who borrow my toys there's the baby.

There's a hole in the ship or the sea that it sails on,
and I said to my father, "Well, what shall I do?
It isn't the same now that some of it's gone."
He said, "Put it together; the world's like that too."
Now that you've read it, see and hear the poem in this amazing little video by Michael Sporn Animation.

I am your intrepid host this week, so leave me a note about your post and I'll round it up old-school style.
Poetry Reviews
Mary Ann Scheuer at Great Kids Books has a review of a Cybils finalist, African Acrostics: A Word in Edgeways.

Over at A Year of Reading, Mary Lee shares some thoughts on another Cybils finalist, The Tree That Time Built: A Celebration of Nature, Science and Imagination.

Diane Mayr of Kurious Kitty's Kurio Kabinet shares some thoughts on Linda McCarriston's book Eva-Mary. She also has a quote by Linda McCarriston at Kurios K's Kwotes.

Jules of Seven Imp has some gorgeous images and thoughts on the The House, written by J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated by Roberto Innocenti.

Over at Picture Book of the Day, Anastasia Suen shares Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! and some ideas for using the book in the classroom.

Marjorie of Paper Tigers introduces a poetry collection entitled The Naughtiest Children I Know.

Stella of My World-Mi Mundo shares her thoughts on Julie Andrews Collection of Poems, Songs, and Lullabies.

Amanda of A Patchwork of Books reviews The Hidden Bestiary of Marvelous, Mysterious, and (maybe even) Magical Creatures.

Mandy of Enjoy and Embrace Learning shares thoughts on When Lucy Goes Out Walking: A Puppy's First Year.

Original Poetry
Father Goose (Charles Gingha) shares a poem entitled Snow Deer.

Greg K. of Gotta Book shares a poem entitled The End of a Perfect Day in the Snow.

A host of original poems inspired by a photograph can be found in this week's 15 Words or Less challenge.

More original poems in the form of shadorma can be found at this week's poetry stretch results.

Linda of Write Time shares a poem entitled Thirty-Two Cents.

Over at David Harrison's blog you'll find a number of original poems inspired by the word time. (If these inspire you, be brave and leave your own poem!)

Andi of a wrung sponge shares a poem entitled Snow Showers at Dawn.

Inspired by the hoopla over Jon Scieszka on Monday, Carol of Carol's Corner wrote a Thank You poem.

Carol of Carol's Corner shares a found poem inspired by C.S. Lewis and entitled I Thank Him For Winter.

Elaine of Wild Rose Reader shares a number of original winter poems.

Poetry of Others
Heidi Mordhost of my juicy little universe shares two poems and some thoughts on animal spirituality.

Laura Salas shares an Eve Merriam poem entitled Reply to the Question "How Can You Become a Poet?".

Irene Latham of Live. Love. Explore! shares an Updike poem for January.

Shelf Elf has a wonderful dog poem by Anna Swir entitled Happy as a Dog's Tail.

Diane Mayr of Random Noodling shares the poem Good Hours by Robert Frost.

Sara Lewis Holmes of Read*Write*Believe shares Love Song by Carol Muske-Dukes.

The Write Sisters are in today with the Wendell Berry poem How to be a Poet.

Terry of Scrub-a-Dub-Tub shares a story and Silverstein's poem Sick.

Becky of Becky's Book Reviews shares a poem from The Hobbit.

Martha Calderaro
shares Alice Walker's poem How Poems Are Made: A Discredited View.

Over at Blue Rose Girls, Elaine shares a poem by Sarah Orne Jewett entitled A Country Boy in Winter.

Because she's knee-deep in Persuasion, Kelly Fineman of Writing and Ruminating shares selections from Childe Harold's Pilgrimage by Byron and The Lay of the Last Minstrel by Scott.

Jone (MsMac) of Check It Out shares a poem by Sylvia Kantaris entitled Awakening to Snow.

Liz Scanlon of Liz in Ink shares the poem Branch Library by Edward Hirsch.

Jennie of Biblio File shares a love poem by Robert Burns.

The Reading Zone shares the Ellen Hopkins poem Manifesto.

Color Online shares the poem Black Enough by Catherine Anderson.

Music and Other Forms
Jama Rattigan of Jama's Alphabet Soup is going gaga over Elvis on his 75th birthday.

Poetry Sites
Stacey of Two Writing Teachers introduces the site Your Daily Poem.
Happy reading on this beautiful poetry Friday.


  1. Thank you, Tricia! Here's "Snow Deer" at the FATHER GOOSE blog

  2. Cybils love! Thank you to the Cybils poetry panel! I just got African Acrostics from the library and love, love, love it. See my review at:

  3. National Puzzle Month!!! Cool.

    I'm up with a new poem:

    The End of a Perfect Day in the Snow

    Thanks for hosting....

  4. "...the world's like that too."

    Wise father. So true. I didn't expect that serious turn and the end of a whiney poem. Good to remember to withhold judgement and read to the end!!

    I'm in with some thoughts about The Tree That Time Built by Hoberman and Winston.

    Thanks for doing the roundup!

  5. Love the poem; also didn't expect that great turn at the end.

    Today I'm gaga over Elvis, who would have been 75 years old today:

    "Put a chain around my neck, and lead me anywhere . . ."

    Thanks for hosting and have a nice weekend, Tricia! :)

  6. Snow delay here today! Time for not one but two poems, both animal prayers, and an appreciation of Lucille Clifton.

  7. Wonderful Hoban poem! I like things complete and would be whining, too. The ending made me sigh and nod. We can't discard things because they're not perfect.

    I'm in at with an Eve Merriam poem call Reply to the Question "How Can You Become a Poet?"

    And this week's 15 Words or Less poems are at

    Thanks for rounding us up!

  8. I had no idea there was such a thing as puzzle month! Will have to pull out the riddle poems.
    Meanwhile, I am in with John Updike's lovely little poem called "January."

    Thanks so much for hosting!

  9. I have no poem, but thanks for a great post!

  10. Happy New Year! Thanks for this lovely poem.

    Here is mine: Happy as a Dog's Tail by Anna Swir

    The world needs more dog poems. Yes?

  11. Hi Tricia! At Random Noodling I have "Good Hours" by Robert Frost, and at Kurious Kitty I share a little of a new (to me) poet, Linda McCarriston.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  12. I forgot to say that I also have a Linda McCarriston quote at Kurious K's Kwotes.

  13. Hi Tricia, thanks for hosting. I have an original poem at:


  14. Puzzle Month! What a great thing to do in winter. Thanks for hosting Poetry today. I am in with my Stretch poem here. Just enough snow to inspire poetry over here! :)

  15. Tricia,
    Thanks for hosting today. This was a poetry-ish week for me. On Monday, I wrote a poem, or kind of a poem in honor of Jon Scieszka. That's here:
    Today I have a found poem from CS Lewis

  16. THank you Tricia for hosting Poetry Friday. Today at My World/Mi Mundo I reviewed Julie Andrews' Collection of Poems, Songs and Lullabies. A beautiful book btw! Happy Friday.

  17. How did we miss the snow? Just a dusting here, but oh that wind! What a perfect month for puzzles! I have a spontaneous contribution - thanks to the 8YO's new love of Shel Silverstein.

  18. Hi Tricia, thanks for hosting! PaperTigers is in with a post on the book "The Naughtiest Children I Know." at


  19. Thank you for hosting! I'm in with Alice Walker's "How Poems Are Made: A Discredited View."
    Happy New Year!

  20. I like that poem, and National Puzzle Month. Who knew?

    I'm in with J. Patrick Lewis' and Roberto Innocenti's THE HOUSE -- with a word from Pat and a spread from the book:

    Thanks for hosting!

  21. Tricia,

    Thanks for doing the roundup this week! I got a late start this morning.

    At Wild Rose Reader, I have a bunch of my original poems about winter.

  22. Thanks for rounding up, Tricia!

    I'm in with selections from Childe Harold's Pilgrimage by Byron and The Lay of the Last Minstrel by Scott, all because I'm working my way through Austen's Persuasion this month.

    Here's my link:

  23. This week I am sharing a new haiku site I discovered. It's for kids and is called Two Dragonflies.

    It's absolutely delightful!

    Gisele :)

  24. Back again!

    At Blue Rose Girls, I have a poem by Sarah Orne Jewett titled A Country Boy in Winter.

  25. I have a review of the book The Hidden Bestiary, over at my blog:

    Thanks for hosting!

  26. I have a poem from "The Hobbit" by Tolkien.

    Thanks for hosting!

  27. Hi Tricia,
    Thanks for hosting. Here is a poem as I think about those snowed in:

  28. Tricia -- thank you! You are the hostess with the mostess...

    Plus, love the puzzle poem. We did two great big jigsaws over the holidays and BOTH of them were missing a piece...

    I posted some Edward Hirsch today right here:

  29. What a great poem!

    Thank you so much for rounding-up today. I'm in with some Robert Burns:

  30. I had internet issues earlier, still hope I can join in. I've reviewed When Lucy Goes Out Walking, poetry by month and more.

    Thanks for hosting.

  31. I'm late. Limited access these days.

    Please read Catherine Anderson's original poem, "Black Enough" here

  32. Russel Hoban really kicks a punch! And just looked at the animation too - thank you!