Monday, January 18, 2010

Where's That Shiny New Sticker Going to Go?!

Congrats to Tanita Davis for her Coretta Scott King honor award for Mare's War. Here's a summary.
Alternating between present and past, the story of Marey Lee Boylen's service in the African American unit of the Women’s Army Corp (WAC) unfolds against the backdrop of a roadtrip with her bickering granddaughters. Mare's story is told as she experienced life in the 40's, and as such is filled details about day-to-day life during the war, the humiliations of segregation (even in the army), and the role of WACs in World War II.
Where do you think they'll put that shiny new sticker?


  1. Tricia, it's very, VERY wrong that I read about this HERE before anyone else told me.

    Wonder who's in charge of spreading that kind of news? Maybe my editor is busy today.

    Anyway - thanks for the details!

  2. I am so thrilled for Tanita - I think the sticker might fit on the map? Maybe? Wherever it goes, it will be fabulous.

    I think they only call winners, not honorees, ahead of the official announcements? (To kind of answer Tanita's question).