Friday, April 12, 2024

NPM 2024 - Book Spine Poem 12

Happy Poetry Friday! For National Poetry Month this year, I am perusing my bookshelves and building book spine poems.

Fireflies at midnight
flicker flash
light up the night
sky magic

Poem ©Tricia Stohr-Hunt, 2024. All rights reserved.

  • Fireflies at Midnight by Marilyn Singer, pictures by Ken Robbins 
  • Flicker Flash by Joan Bransfield Graham, illustrations by Nancy Davis
  • Light Up the Night by Jean Reidy, pictures by Margaret Chodos-Irvine
  • Sky Magic, compiled by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illustrations by Mariusz Stawarski
I hope you'll come back again to see what new poem I've cobbled together. You can find all the poems I've written this month on the Book Spine Poems page

This week, Poetry Friday is hosted by Jone Rush MacCulloch. I hope you'll take the time to check out all things poetic being shared today.


  1. Love this one! I see a trip to the library coming soon.

  2. I love spin poetry! It's so much fun to try this with the kiddos at my writing programs. :-)

  3. This is delightful - I'm SO BAD at making any kind of poetry out of spines, and you do it repeatedly, AND well!

  4. Wonderful! We don't have fireflies in Colorado, too dry. I do love them when I visit other places, "sky magic" indeed!

  5. "flicker flash"..."sky magic" Beautiful!

  6. You keep stunning me. I want your book collection! :D

  7. I marvel not only at your book spine poetry, Tricia, but also the collection of books you must have at the ready!

  8. This spine poem works so well-- fabulous job!