Thursday, April 18, 2024

NPM 2024 - Book Spine Poem 18

For National Poetry Month this year, I am perusing my bookshelves and building book spine poems.

Subway sparrow
city hawk
honk, honk, goose
bird talk

Chatter, sing, roar, buzz
song of the wild
where I live 

Poem ©Tricia Stohr-Hunt, 2024. All rights reserved.

  • Subway Sparrow by Leyla Torres
  • City Hawk: The Story of Pale Male by Meghan McCarthy
  • Honk, Honk, Goose!: Canada Geese Start a Family by April Pulley Sayre, illustrations by Huy Voun Lee
  • Bird Talk: What Birds Are Saying and Why by Lita Judge
  • Chatter, Sing, Roar, Buzz: Poems About the Rain Forest by Laura Purdie Salas
  • Song of the Wild: A First Book of Animals by Nicola Davies, illustrations by Petr Horacek 
  • Where I Live by Eileen Spinelli, illustrations by Matt Phelan
I hope you'll come back again to see what new poem I've cobbled together. You can find all the poems I've written this month on the Book Spine Poems page

1 comment:

  1. Really love this one. Gives me memories of that eagle hawk in NY - such a strange juxtaposition, such wildness in a concrete jungle.