Friday, April 19, 2024

NPM 2024 - Book Spine Poem 19

Happy Poetry Friday! For National Poetry Month this year, I am perusing my bookshelves and building book spine poems.

This is just to say
poetry matters
Today and today
just people and paper, pen, poem
tiny dreams sprouting tall
Wonderful words
falling down the page
A lucky thing

Poem ©Tricia Stohr-Hunt, 2024. All rights reserved.

  • This is Just to Say by Joyce Sidman, illustrations by Pamela Zagarenski
  • Poetry Matters: Writing a Poem From the Inside Out by Ralph Fletcher 
  • Today and Today, haiku by Issa, pictures by G. Brian Karas
  • Just People and Other Poems for Young Readers & Paper/Pen/Poem: A Young Writer's Way to Begin, poems by Kathi Appelt, photographs by Kenneth Appelt
  • Tiny Dreams Sprounting Tall: Poems About the United States by Laura Purdie Salas
  • Wonderful Words: Poems About Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening, selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illustrations by Karen Barbour
  • Falling Down the Page: A Book of List Poems, edited by Georgia Heard
  • A Lucky Thing by Alice Schertle, paintings by Wendell Minor
I hope you'll come back again to see what new poem I've cobbled together. You can find all the poems I've written this month on the Book Spine Poems page

This week, Poetry Friday is hosted by Heidi Mordhorst at my juicy little universe. I hope you'll take some time to check out all things poetic being shared today.


  1. Just the first two lines would make a great poem… all those titles blend together so well to tell the truth about why poetry matters.

  2. Tricia, in addition to my delight in each and every one of these thoughtfully, playfully constructed poems, I want to acknowledge the enormous dedication of time and effort you've put in to catalog the source material and get them up in front of us. THANK YOU!

    1. Thanks, Heidi. I feel like acknowledging the titles is an important part of this process. And I hope it introduces new books (even if they're old books) to folks reading them.

  3. Tricia, your spine poem is a a rich blend of titles. You did a splendid job with this one.

  4. Another fantastic book spine poem - wonderful words falling down the page! I am so impressed with your library.

  5. Reading your book spine poems add to my TBR list every time, Tricia. This is delightful!

  6. Your book spine poem works with a rare cohesion, Tricia. Bookalicious!


  7. wow - these really came together well!