Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another New Online Cataloging Tool - Shelfari

I have been using and loving LibraryThing since December. (See this post, and this one.) I am slowly cataloging my teaching library and have found this site a good way to share resources with students and teachers. Today I discovered Shelfari. This site makes it easy to see what others are reading, get and give book recommendations, and discuss books and authors by starting or joining book groups.
Here's a quick peak at my bookshelf.

I started by adding just a few of my books to see how it worked. I selected a couple of authors with multiple books in my collection and searched by their names. Adding titles was a piece of cake. Then I realized that you can import your entire library using a simple text file. I generated one from LibraryThing, uploaded it, and it was done! Wow! I just added more than 500 books in under one minute! While it is not as customizable as LibraryThing, I do like the whole book group idea. I'm going to play with this a bit more (when I come back from China, no more time now) before I pass judgment.

Do head on over and try it yourself. Once you've experimented, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. Finally, if you do join Shelfari, please be sure to add me as a friend. I'm pstohrkidlit.

Thanks to the Buried Editor for the link.


  1. Oh man! I am just getting really serious about LibraryThing (I thought I was before, but it keeps getting better and I am going deeper). Now you have found another thing to play with!? But will I want to have my library in two places? I guess I will have to go see...

  2. I love, too. It's very simple and user-friendly.