Sunday, May 13, 2007

What Does Your Art Say About You? - Drawing Personality Test

I am taking a break from grading (yes, I'm STILL at it) to share this little bit of really bad artwork with you. Take the drawing personality test and find out what your art says about you. Keep in mind that drawing with a mouse is really hard, but the analysis of the work is fascinating. Here's my picture.
drawing personality
The results of my analysis say:
  • You tend to pursue many different activities simultaneously. When misfortune does happen, it doesn't actually dishearten you all that much.
  • You are a direct and forthright person. You like to get to the core of the issue right away, with few signs of hesitation.
  • You are creative, mentally active and industrious.
  • You have a sunny, cheerful disposition.
In many ways, this describes a great number of the elementary classroom teachers I know, and really, it's not a bad description of me. Go on, take the test, and find out what your drawing says about YOU.

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