Friday, May 04, 2007

Poetry Friday - New Glasses

After developing the annoying habit of looking over and under my glasses to be able to see clearly, I finally went and got a new pair, and just in time for my trip. I treated myself to photochromic lenses (yes, they change color) so that I wouldn't be required to lug prescription sunglasses around any longer. These new beauties are blue, lightweight and lovely.

Since I've been thinking about glasses, and because William and I have been listening to Justin Roberts non-stop for the last 3 years, I thought I would share the lyrics to one of the many songs we love. You may recognize it, as it was used for a montage during the World Series. It comes from his Meltdown! CD. Head on over to his site and give a listen. He makes great kid music that adults can actually enjoy, and the concerts, well, they must be seen to be believed. We saw him again last fall and the kiddie mosh pit was out of this world!

So, without further ado, here are the very poetic lyrics to Get Me Some Glasses.
Get Me Some Glasses
Song © Justin Roberts, 2006. All rights reserved.

Mama I must say that the chalkboard
It looks a little awkward
from where I sit
And mama I’ll confide
that the words that I read inside
Are a little bent
you know what I meant

So I’m a gonna be like mama
And I’m a gonna be like dad
I’m a gonna be like everyone who’s ever had to have some
I’m gonna get me some glasses put ‘em on my nose
I’m gonna get me some glasses so I can see up close
I’m gonna get me some glasses that’s what my mama say
I’m gonna get me some glasses so I see far away, see far away

Mama there’ll be those that’ll call me four eyes
Cause I got more eyes
than them
But they don’t understand
that there wouldn’t be a superman
Without Clark Kent
to an extent


And maybe somewhere down the line
I’ll be more like Einstein
because of these
Still it’s all the same to me
just as long as I can see
Every bird,
every bee,
every leaf on every tree
Every star and moon and sea and everyone
And especially you,
don’t you know it’s true

End: D-A-D
If you like to sing or play guitar, you can download the lyrics and chords!
Have a happy poetry Friday, all!

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  1. Great song, great glasses, Tricia!

    I need some cool glasses like yours :)