Sunday, June 17, 2007

Answering the Memes

While I was in China I got tagged for a number of memes. I had a few choice words for these folks back then, largely because I'm a sap and can't let a tag go unanswered. I'm finally getting down to it, so here are my responses to the memes. I will not, however, be tagging anyone to keep these going, as most folks have already answered.

Meme 1: Eight Things Meme
MotherReader tagged me for this one. Each player lists eight facts/habits about themselves. Hmmmmm . . . how much to reveal? That is the question!
  1. I HATE having my picture taken. Case in point, my China pictures. Unless required to pose, you will not find many pictures of me. I'd rather be behind the camera.

  2. On a good day I can put Monk to shame. I have been known to get up from reading a book to adjust a pillow that is not "sitting right," straighten a stack of magazines, or fix anything else that is slightly askew. My brother's favorite form of torment when we were kids was to come in my room and move things slightly. Yes, I noticed the minute I walked in!

  3. I love flowers, especially daisies, tulips and wildflowers. However, in the 17 years I've known my husband, I've received flowers only once--the day I defended my dissertation--and I happen to know his mother bought them! For years I dropped hints about how nice it would be to receive them, but I finally gave up. Now, whenever I see flowers that are too lovely to pass up, I buy them for myself. I no longer stand on ceremony. Life's too short.

  4. When I was in college I sang the National Anthem for the Hartford Whalers. Sadly, they no longer exist, and neither does that 20-something voice. (In any case, it's really a horrible song to sing.)

  5. Chips or chocolate? It's a toss up for me. I suppose this is why I like chocolate covered pretzels, with both the salty and sweet thing going on.

  6. I am a great cook and I love to try new recipes. However, I have a husband who eats NO VEGETABLES. Since I love to cook Moroccan, Lebanese, Greek and Italian, this is a huge problem. I have taken to calling my best friend and reading her the recipes I want to try, but know I won't be able to make! To satisfy my need to make great food, I often make two or three separate meals several days a week.

  7. I was born in Rochester, NY in 1965 to a young woman (teenager) who had been sent by her family to a home for "wayward" girls. I know nothing about her other than that she was from New England. I was adopted one week later by my absolutely amazing parents.

  8. Before my son was born, I went skydiving (more than 20 jumps), bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, rappelling and more. I got my motorcycle license on a Ninja 900. Since William came along, life is much more tame. I did, however, get a tattoo while in China. (Hey, I'd had a hep A shot, so why not?) The Chinese characters for faith, hope and love now adorn my backside. Ask me nicely and I may let you see them.

Meme 2: Summer Goals Meme
Mentor Texts and More tagged me for this one, which asks for 10-15 professional and/or personal goals that I would like to achieve over the summer. Here they are.
  1. Spend quality time with William, doing all sorts of fun things.
  2. Send at least three articles out for journal review.
  3. Read, read, read! Anything and everything. Including Book 7.
  4. Start taking yoga lessons.
  5. Spend time alone with my Mom and Dad when I go to visit.
  6. See my best friend from high school while in NY.
  7. Join/start a writing group. (Been looking, can't find one!)
  8. Finish the poetry book I've been working on.
  9. Complete the self-study we've been working on for national accreditation.
  10. Get to the Green Valley Book Fair before school starts.
  11. Develop a new syllabus for the secondary curriculum methods class I will teach this fall.
  12. Visit my sister in NJ and head into NYC for a day.
  13. Get to the eastern shore or Assateague and walk on the beach.
  14. Go for a motorcycle ride with my brother.
  15. Try to be happy every day.


  1. I hate having my picture taken, too. Unfortunately, my lifetime travel companion love to take pictures, so I end up in a lot of them. Out of literally hundreds, I can usually find one or two that I like, but it's a very low-yield process

    I like your goal of trying to be happy every day!

  2. I love this! Hope all is well -- xo

  3. The Green Valley Book Fair rocks. That's my lonnnnnnnnng ago stomping grounds, by the way, though I was lucky enough to be visiting the area during the fair half a dozenish years ago. Good times.

    And welcome back!