Friday, June 15, 2007

Poetry Friday - Faces

I mentioned in some of my China posts that I was quite taken with the faces of the people I met and saw. Here are a few that moved me, and the poem I wrote about them.

My Face
Look at me.
In my eyes,
and face,
can you read
my story?
Can you see
that I am loved?
Are my dreams
written in the
and smiles?
How do you read
my furrowed brow,
guilty smile,
toothless grin,
furtive glance?
Do these tears
speak joy
or pain?
Beneath the dirt,
and years,
can you not see
that we
are all
the same?
Since this is far too serious, please check out My Neighbor -- a smiley face poem. It's by one of my favorite blogging poets, Gregory K. It will make you smile.

The roundup today is at The Simple and the Ordinary. Do stop by and check out all the great posts, and if you haven't read Susan Thomsen's (of Chicken Spaghetti fame) article at the Poetry Foundation about the tradition of Poetry Friday, you'd better get there too. Happy poetry Friday, all!

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  1. The photos are exquisite and I just love the line "Can you see that I am loved"...
    Thanks for sharing...