Friday, April 04, 2014

Poetry Friday - Quatrains for a Calling

I'm always on the lookout for good sources of poetry online. I was recently reminded of the wonderful offerings of poetry from PBS NewsHour, where you'll find audio, video, and a wealth of poems. Today's poem comes from this site.

Quatrains for a Calling
by Peter Cole

Why are you here?
Who have you come for
and what would you gain?
Where is your fear?

Why are you here?

You’ve come so near,
or so it would seem;
you can see the grain
in the paper — that’s clear.

But why are you here

when you could be elsewhere,
earning a living
or actually learning?
Why should we care

why you’re here?

Is that a tear?
Yes, there’s pressure
Behind the eyes–
And there are peers.

But why are you here?

Read the poem in it's entirety. You can also listen to the poet read this piece.

Do check out all the wonderful poetic things being shared and collected today by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater at The Poem Farm. Happy poetry Friday friends.


  1. Interesting poem and interesting man! Even the first sentence in the article was worth stopping to think about -- "Peter Cole thinks of all poetry as translation." (There's a funny typo: "How will you fair?)

  2. Thanks for the link to a new source for poetry!

  3. Alwys such a powerful question: Why are you here? Wonderful thoughts to ponder on, thanks for sharing the link too!